CES2020: AMD FreeSync technology new ensure the performance of the top companies

CES2020: تقنية AMD FreeSync الجديدة تضمن أداءً أعلى للشاشات

On the same car last year, the company AMD technologies FreeSync, but this time with the changes in the style of the show to record the idea to the consumer in the interaction between their different kinds safety.

Where did AMD provide technology FreeSync Premium which allows companies supported by access to address update 120 Hz at 1080p resolution, with included the report of another called low framerate compensation or (LFC) to ensure the safety of the show and the experience of the game professional even if the supply capacity in the game is higher than the potential of the computer.

And at the same pace the AMD destroy its brand FreeSync 2 HDR to proceed with upgrading the capacity; so that any screen is able to output HDR image with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and accuracy of FHD will be available for technical support to the company’s new FreeSync Premium Pro. The company indicated that there are about 300 screen eligible and for technical support FreeSync Premium.

For the treatment of AMD today have three different levels of technology FreeSync implementation is similar to what is the case with Nvidia G-Sync, but of course with taking into account the difference in abilities between them and taking into account the points of similarity and recognition initiative features specific as the HDR screen to ensure the work of the technical.

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