Challenges are available to smart phone in 2019 according to IDC

Galaxy S10 5G

Expect the challenges in front of smart phones in the year 2019, and the agency expects to try charging on their total volume in the second half of the current year 2019, and with a slight decline of up to 0.4% only, which indicates maturity and stability, which lives by the market. However, IDC expects shipment growth of new in 2020 and by 1.6%.

And confirmed, one of my analysts IDC that the situation is ready to have its manufacturing partners, and there is the type of soil and the lack of confidence in the future because of the economic expansion between China and the United States of America, which makes planning for the future difficult. As to users, as he put it, they cling to their device for a longer time, which reduces the sales of the new devices.

And is expected to dominate the Android market because 87% of smart phone sales globally, and behind him comes the iOS system of Apple with a share of 13% and by sales supposed to reach 177 million sets.

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