Chances are less hackers transferred money from Cryptopia at least 4 wallet

Once hacked exchange Cryptopia went bankrupt and moved into a phase of elimination, intensified hackers. Stolen esters was transferred to several different wallets. Recall that in mid-January, the site suddenly stopped working. A day later, it became known that the new Zealand stock exchange was hacked and stole a substantial amount.

Hacking Cryptopia. The consequences

Although the company officially did not disclose the amount, according to estimates of analytical companies, the hackers stole ETH and other cryptocurrencies for $ 16 million. May 15 the exchange has stopped trading and has published the statement on liquidation.

Despite management’s efforts to reduce costs and return the business to profitability, it was decided on the appointment of liquidators. So it will be better in the interests of clients, staff and other stakeholders. Given the complex nature of the situation, we expect that the investigation will take several months.

Source: CoinFirm

Now, according to CoinFirm, the hackers brought the money to different wallets, two of which are directly related to Huobi. The attacker brought 30790 ETH — that is the equivalent of about 7,67 million dollars — with the last of the red purse on a yellow. Presumably the new address was created on 20 may 2019. As told to Grant Blaisdell of CoinFirm, “the yellow came 29770 ETH”.

Two other addresses — this and this — was sent 1010 10 and ETH, respectively. The latter address seems to be responsible for the hot wallet Huobi to Deposit. There is speculation that the hackers are trying to withdraw money through exchanges.

Source: Etherscan

20 may still 30788 ETH brought on a few new purses.

Source: CoinFirm

Coins between wallets is clearly transferred for covering up traces, and the equivalent of $ 16 million does not stay in one place for long. In our cryptodata of hontarov there is also other information on the topic.


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