Change the design of the Note 10 plus, Huawei once again return

Two months or less separate us from the launch of the Samsung Note 10 plus at what time of the month of August which is the same time as the launch of Note 9 of last year. And deliberated some sites in the past few days some of the images that have been leaked for the first time phone Note 10 Plus, which began the big change in design. So what’s new that will be provided by Samsung in this version? And don’t forget also to refer to the experience of the return of the Huawei business with the United States again, why is she back again? Continued with us.

تغيير التصميم في نوت 10 بلس، وهواوي تعود مرة أخرى

Galaxy Note 10 plus

With the approaching launch of the Samsung Note 10 or the so-called “phablet,” and everyone knew through leaks a lot about him. Was detected in a group of photos for Note 10, which was leaked through the account channel TechTalkTV on Twitter. Despite the inaccuracy of the images and videos leaked to that there are some details clear.

◉ It contains front camera pierced just like a S10 +and S10, but the new it will be placed in the middle of the screen. Also the design will not dialogue even more acute than the former.

◉ The phone will come back with three in the top right corner, this is very similar to the latest Samsung phones. Primary camera accurately 12 mega pixel camera, the lens zoom in and zoom out telephoto 12 megapixel, wide angle lens 16-megapixel, and provides a small hole sensor Time-Flight to determine the sensor depth to get better picture, a wave that acted in the phone S10 5G.

◉ Front camera specifications are not yet known, but expect it will be a camera pilot this year.

◉ And rumors also, that the phone will feature the Snapdragon processor 855 or Exynos 9820 SoC, and up to 12 GB of RAM, it will contain storage space, the standard UFS 3.0 stands for Universal Flash Storage, which is the standard storage designed for smart phones and digital cameras. This exhibition provides read and write speeds much faster than standard self eMMC with respect to the same energy consumption in addition to speed when operating.

◉ Phone will contain a battery of 4,500 mAh, fast charging ability of 45 watts.

◉ Pen Samsung’s integrated with the phone will not be much different from its predecessor in the last year. The emphasis on the removal of a separate speaker and use the USB-C port instead.

◉ Pointed rumors also, that during this year, there will be a few models of note, there will be a basic version, and the Pro, and 5G .

◉ Decided Samsung keep the same sequence of names in the series Galaxy S. But it seems to have dropped the Label “Pro” and chose the Note 10 Plus instead of which, as confirmed by the leaked pictures.

In spite of the inaccuracy of the image or credibility of those leaked images, but that is no longer or a real look on the Note 10 plus high.

Huawei once again return

We can’t overlook an important piece of news like this, in an interview on the sidelines of the summit of twenty in Japan between President Barack Trump and his Chinese President Xi Jinping, in which he called Trump to a truce for the war business between them. Newspaper reported Bloomberg that the United States got on agreed terms on the deal of China buying massive amounts of American agricultural products according to the Trump. In return, Trump said U.S. companies can sell their products of Huawei, as long as there is no problem of national security with her.

If the implementation of this statement and activate that gift will be up to companies like Google and ARM Holdings and Qualcomm suppliers Huawei and others in the United States to assess whether they would resume work with Huawei or not. Given that Huawei has spent $ 11 million on the purchase of supplies from the United States last year, we imagine that these companies are keen on cooperation with Huawei again.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei’s worked on to use the system HongmengOS also known as the Ark of the OS as a replacement for Google services, especially the App Store in Android. The police claimed to have stocks of chips is enough for another year may be retained in its stores to sign the ban in the future. Despite the fact that Huawei’s chip design to the Kirin and Balong own, but it’s used techniques and sources of U.S. licensed by ARM. This is one of the most important weaknesses of the Huawei. Which is the study to face any similar bans in the future. We referred to the conflict between the Huawei and the United States in an earlier article, you can follow this –link .

What do you think of the Samsung Note 10 plus new? And Huawei has been a bargaining chip or pressure from the American government to other sources hidden? Tell us in the comments.


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