Changes in the numbers of followers on Twitter irritate users

Launch site “Twitter” a huge campaign over the past months on fake accounts, in the month of July last, I have witnessed many accounts of celebrities and big brands a marked decline in the numbers of traffickers, because the company has removed accounts that had been closed because of its association actively suspicious, but since then it has been open some accounts again.


The company confirmed to Reuters it was discovered an error was returned to some accounts, briefly, what led to the impact on the number of followers, the company said Social Puncher for research if some users renowned regained about a third of traffickers who have lost them, but the account disappeared again on Friday.

According to the site “TechCrunch” American, Elon Musk tweeted recently about the number of follow-up trimmer who reduced their number to 20,000 during the last few days, bought a large number of users from the volatility in the number of followers is quite puzzling.

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