Changes in the technology sector brought Koroma to continue

Over the epidemic that infected the world several months now. With the large number of injuries forced the world to change the usual lifestyle in every spot of the globe. Affected most aspects of life such as business methods and energy management industries. Some have lost their jobs, others were forced to work from home while others go to work. And with all of these changes were influenced, of course, the technology sectors are uneven and on the study. Do you see what were the effects of the Corona on the train? And some of these influences came out?

تغييرات في قطاع التكنولوجيا جلبها كورونا لتستمر

Major exhibitions

Is not reached a cure or vaccine yet for the virus. It is not thought that there will be something available for everyone in the near term. So was the cancellation of many conferences and exhibitions. But the best example of what you can do for these exhibitions is the exhibition CES in the beginning of the year which was held and believed it was the reason for the proliferation of a large virus in the United States and around the world. As the conference came to him, journalists and visitors from around the world to do the swarming and touching the same devices with for several days. There has been already so-called flu CES free among the people. That’s where a lot of visitors get ill in general. What about with a contagious disease strongly like Corona?

Alien is a permit to the organizers that the conference would be submitted on time next year. Was met with this remark criticized severely because we don’t know after you will be that public safety or not. But these criticisms and the risk of disease is proof that shows like this should be re-thinking it.

Technical conferences and declarations

Of course you can’t any of the big companies the work of its annual conferences to showcase products or even the training of developers in the case of Apple as usual. But companies continue to advertise products. As happened with the new version of the iPhone, SE. It has been announced in a press statement just sent to reporters and specialists in the reviews on YouTube. Already spread mentioned the phone and filled in the locations of technology and social media. Any to the target of huge advertising which was its goal in the former is to attract attention may check and safer and save money too.

And here we are heading for the biggest conferences of the apple market probably the largest in the field of programmers and systems around the world, the WWDC conference. But this year the Apple conference full online many viewers praised the directing film conference whether the article that reviewed the regulations –this link– or training sessions for developers; here comes the question! What’s to stop Apple from repeating them in the years coming? The aim of the Apple platform is increasing the numbers of developers are efficient to their systems and that the format of the conference will surely achieve the desired.

Of course there is a problem related to next to wow, which would be the actual in the garden of the Apple attracts attention without suitable both for the office or the ratings or the audience enthusiasm, which is transmitted via cameras. But what we have seen this year and although they first trade but it was a grater.

Acceleration techniques for virtual reality

Not long ago Apple has acquired the company’s virtual reality NextVR. He talked a lot about news in the context it is known the wishes of Apple in the development of augmented reality systems own and new version of the device (such as heat common) and so on. But what’s interesting here is what you choose by the company. Where it is not specialized in augmented reality that you are working on Apple for years but choose to actually default. Specifically technology that allows the export and transfer of live events such as sports matches, conferences, and similar to virtual reality glasses, like Oculus and the like. You can so see the complete event of the area and up close like you’re inside the halls.

We don’t know exactly what Apple wants this technology, but to accelerate the development of technology like this could open prospects for a new type of public events, conferences and technology in general. Where bring millions in building the garden of Apple, but by default their homes. Probably spread and become embedded in the services of TV and online that provide a lot of companies and service providers such as elife in the UAE and other. Becomes can watch the games like they’re on the field.

Great, isn’t it?

Work from home

Brought this crisis also highlighted the things we think that it is recognized. Such as the need to go to offices to work. Especially with those jobs that only require sitting in front of a computer screen. Thus the major technology companies to retain the ownership has to do with Twitter or YouTube suddenly as a result of the closure of offices.

Paid this a lot to ask, Are offices and the corporate headquarters of the big and really important as we believe? Maybe it’s good to socialize among colleagues and the like. But the option to work from home to brighten up now as a possibility actually. Maybe it is his adoption of many of the companies that operate in the field of technology and applications and others.

But that Twitter Company has already decided to let their employees work from home even post-pandemic Corona if they wanted to.

So maybe find your next job give you the option to work from home or even obliges you to do save to look after the assuredness that the system had proved its viability.

The through the internet

Yes. Even medical interviews has been re-negotiated. Because of the circumstances, it became difficult for the patients to go to hospitals and clinics to continue their patrol because of the risk of infection. So the tension in the system of telemedicine (Telemedicine), which was present but not as widespread. Have become major institutions rely upon to visits that do not need to detect the physical remote. It is through the screens.

Also you may see that it is not all “visits” to the doctor should be in the clinic. But with this can shorten the duration of the interview and the breach of the big day of your go to meet a routine in which he says the doctor to ask some questions and maybe change a little in the prescribed medication only. This may start a new market, of course, for custom للTelemedicine in the offices of doctors are racing to develop the major companies.

Summary? Is the opportunity.

Maybe the current crisis has disrupted much of our lives. Breach of our business, our plans and projects and many more. But we must not expect when the power of fate. Nature has begun the recovery was needed after the absence of the human. As the convergence of a lot of better with his family or learning new skills. One of the most important pluses that these changes all serve as a chance to rethink a few things.

Like the world system that hasn’t changed the duration. Maybe we change the way we received to or rethink in the way the introduction of new products in the market. Maybe rethink our economic systems and perhaps renew the way we work or to go to the doctor. These opportunities don’t come all the while we rape her when she came.

Do you think we’ll get out of this terminal changes a task or a radical one? And what do you think about the path that is taken by the technology sector right now? We shared Do you think it’s important.


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