Changes in the way the appearance of Facebook pages to help business owners

تغييرات تطال طريقة ظهور صفحات فيسبوك لمساعدة أصحاب الأعمال

Facebook announced its big changes in the long way to the appearance of the pages project and its progress on the network, so that the changes will update the pages that estimated 800 million pages to increase interdependence with 1.6 million users and raise the level of interaction between entrepreneurs and customers in different places.

Includes the new update changed the appearance of the pages on smart phones, where users can book their appointments with restaurants or anywhere else right across the page through a new icon, as users will be able to see the last performances and events more clearly when the page is opened.

The update also adds a better way to assess the reviews and comments on the pages on the network, where in the case of getting a bad user experience with a company, they can comment about the experience to show users that it’s bad without limits to the number of letters used.

In addition to the updates ex, users will be able to book tickets to their events and the events that institutions post on Facebook and easier than booking it through other platforms.

The company provided a new update regarding a way to search for jobs and presence on the various page for local projects, especially given that more than 60% of jobs come from local projects in different places according to the company.

Will users can get suggestions and recommendations many about pages special projects adjacent or companies, through the option of a local “Local” in the side menu of the phone application.

Helping People Connect With Local Businesses

Publiée par Facebook sur Dimanche 5 août 2018

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