Channels open carrier for the matches of the World Cup 2018

القنوات المفتوحه الناقله لمباريات كاس العالم 2018

From the standpoint of our interest in the mechanism of follow-up to the World Cup 2018 and the means available free to the end away from the channels for me to sport and their contributions, we thought that we can with you to the side of the mobile apps that do the job. To use the channels that acquired the rights to broadcast this tournament, it is not a right confined with me, I sport only in the Middle East and North Africa, in the time that we can through the channels of space European of follow-up to that tournament.

Channel German ARD ZDF on the moon Astra Astra 19.2°e

Will this Channel broadcast all events of the tournament and its operations on the key and on the moon ester exclusively in a will encrypt the broadcast for the same channels on the moon the European “hotbird”

Frequency 11362 – Hأفقى – 22000
Frequency 11494 – Hأفقى – 22000
Frequency 11954 H horizontal – 27500
Frequency 11836 – H horizontal – 27500

Channels Turkish TRT on the moon Turksat 3A, 42°E

Frequency 11096 – Hأفقى – 30000
Frequency 11919 – Vعمودى – 24444
Soil 11041 – Vعمودى – 8400

Channel Italian RAI on the moon Hotbird 13°E

Frequency 10992 – Vعمودى – 27500
Soil 11804 – Vعمودى – 27500
Frequency 11766 – Vعمودى – 27500

Channel DUHOK HD Kurdish NSS-12 – 57° E

Frequency 11188 – Vعمودى – 1774, the

Channels of IRIB Iranian on the moon Intelsat 62°E and the moon Badr 26°E

Across the channel IRIB TV3, IRIB Varzesh, we watch the World Cup games gratis

Satellite Badr – frequency 11900 – Vعمودى – 27500
Satellite Badr – frequency 11881 – Hأفقى – 27500
Satellite Intel SATA – frequency 11555 – Vعمودى – 30000

Channels of Azerbaijan on the moon Azerspace 46°e

Soil 11169 – Hأفقى – 20400

Channel Georgian 1TV Georgia

Soil 11095 – Hأفقى – 27500 on the moon Azerspace 46°e
Frequency 11472 – Hأفقى – 23450 on the moon Türksat 42°E
Soil 11221 – Hأفقى – 27500 on the moon Eutelsat 36°E

Channel RTS – ORTM – Tpai on the moon Eutelsat W3A at 7°

Frequency 10721 – Hأفقى – 22000

Channels RTVG montengro on the moon Eutelsat 16A

Frequency 12597 – Vعمودى – 2848

The above was the open channel, which will broadcast the tournament without the complexities, we bring you channels encrypted broken the encryption on the systems cardsharing carrier for the World Cup.

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