Chanpen Zhao: Binance can survive any bear market

Billionaire, Chanpen Zhao ready for anything — according to him, Binance can survive any bear market. The case of the trading platforms are so successful that even the rapid decline of Bitcoin are unable to deal her significant damage in financial terms. Zhao also expressed hope that the partnership with the payment system xRapid promoted by team Ripple.

Binance wins the market

Recently, Zhao held a series of answers to questions in the Periscope, during which he expressed a desire to cooperate with the developers of Ripple. However, while plans of the partnership remain only on paper.

We work with a certain number of other partners. With xRapid doesn’t do anything yet, but in the future we will certainly cooperate.

Zhao also noted that Binance can survive almost any adversity of the stock market. The company will operate even in a hundred years after today. The team Binance pays little attention to the daily fluctuations of Bitcoin prices.

Binance ready to survive any length of time, regardless of market conditions. We don’t much pay attention to the market situation. At least not as much as people think it is. We just work and build new functionality. Binance has excellent financial performance and strong team. Our goal is 10, 50, 100 years. So we’re gonna be in the market for a long time.

And yet, Zhao did not believe Binance a successful exchange. He was proud of the progress of their work, but also reminds about the features of the young kriptonyte.

For Binance all major achievements are still ahead, so while I don’t believe the exchange is completely successful.

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