Chapter Binance recommends not to sell BNB. Is it worth it to listen?

Chapter Binance Chanpen Zhao once again stressed the high potential of investments in native token exchange Binance Coin. For the stock market, this news is quite commonplace — project creators often promote their creations to social sites. But on the securities market, such practice is often condemned and suppressed.

What’s wrong with self-promotion?

Binance Coin has demonstrated excellent profitability in 2019: first Jan coin was worth 6.19 of the dollar, and on June 22 it reached a year high of 39.27 a dollar. Recently, however, the course leaves much to be desired. Over the last couple of months, the cost of BNB fell to $ 20. At the moment Aldon trading at 20.67 dollars.

It is noteworthy that depreciation occurs on the background of the development of different projects within the exchange. We will remind, this summer on Binance Launchpad the launch of several projects, two of which I was lucky enough to take part. In addition, the company has launched its own landing platform and a trading platform for futures.

Unfortunately, all these events did not bring the investors money. Quite the contrary — due to the fall in the asset price by almost 50 percent, now they suffer relatively large losses.

The head of the Binance Chanpen Zhao posted a tweet, in which “warned” of its subscribers that is sure to keep Binance Coin. The head trader remembered his old message, published in 2018. Then he hinted that the potential of his company supposedly still revealed, and in the future Binance Coin will definitely be a profitable investment.

Now he retweeted my entry with a few refinements. According to him, Binance develop new products than ever, and the same Launchpad launched in January, followed by active growth phase of cryptocurrency.

Lots of issues is the last line of the message.

In the future don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This is a thinly-veiled call for the purchase of BNB. Such harsh statements are not valid among the famous people whose identity is associated with traditional assets.

In August 2018, the world-famous businessman Elon Musk landed in proceedings with the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA due to a rash posting on Twitter. Musk said that he is ready to make your company private, that is, to buy back shares from investors if the price reaches $ 420.

Recall that at that time he was head of the Board of Tesla.

Source: Time

Was this post a joke or not doesn’t matter anymore. The financial regulator took the words of Ilona in all seriousness, and forced him to pay $ 20 million fine. Have Chanpen Zhao nearly 430 thousand Twitter followers, so he also can not just throw words. Maybe the SEC will take him?

Conclusion: in theory, the development of new projects from Binance indeed may well affect the exchange rate of BNB, after all, to participate in the lottery on the platform Launchpad need to buy tokens for the exchange. However, such statements from the head of a huge company at least sound strange. In addition, Chanpen surely himself holdit BNB, that is, can there lurks a personal benefit.

Will come true if predictions? Unknown. The maker of Litecoin Charlie Lee thought the course LTC will reach thousands of dollars during bullrun, but that did not happen. And here, too, there are no guarantees.

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