Charger 18W new Apple iPhones may be available in limited numbers initially

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One of the new features that frequency it will be released with the iPhone coming in second quarter of this year is that there is a chance that Apple Charge USB Charger-C strongly 18W with its new smart phones. At the moment, support iPhones that have been released in the past year the fast shipping, but customer need to buy a separate charger to take advantage of this feature.

However, she said the previous rumors that the iPhone coming this year will come with USB Charger-C quick new, but the news is not good news that we got today is that you will need to buy one of the iPhones next New this year if you want to get a new shipper. According to a report released recently from the city of the famous Japanese Mac Otakara, it seems that the charger is new from Apple will be for sale separately in the beginning.

Because Apple may not be able to produce enough units of the new shipper to be able to assembled with the phones iPhone new and to provide additional inventory to sell it separately in stores. Assume that this is somewhat understandable, though disappointing if it is true, but we believe that with the passage of time will be Apple able in the end to increase the rate of production to offer their existing customers the possibility of buying a new shipper separately.

Instead, customers can as we said previously, the Committee to ways fast charging current in the case if the fast charging feature they actually need.


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