Charger 25W is equal to +Galaxy Note 10 on the plan of the competitors in Test speed, and the rights of the OnePlus 7 Pro

Galaxy Note 10

There was some grumbling because of the fact that the included Samsung charger 45W in the box +Galaxy Note 10, although the phone itself supports the speed of shipping these. Instead, the South Korean company include the charger strongly 25W in the phone box. As it turns out, it’s still enough to beat the competitors when it comes to charging the battery from 0% to 100%.

The channel Gadgets Portal on YouTube to put the phone +Galaxy Note 10 in the face of all of the Galaxy Note 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro and iPhone XS Max to test the shipping speed with the knowledge that the phone +Galaxy Note 10 boasts a battery with a capacity of 4300mAh supports Quick Charging strongly 25W in this case, while the phone Galaxy Note 9 battery with a capacity of 4000mAh support Fast shipping strongly 15W, the phone OnePlus 7 Pro battery with a capacity of 4000mAh support Fast shipping strongly 30W, phone iPhone XS Max battery with a capacity of 3174mAh supports Quick Charging strongly 5W. You can watch the video first or read what is below to spoil the surprise.

Finished phone +Galaxy Note 10 the shipping process in an hour and five minutes, this is faster by about 20 minutes of phone OnePlus 7 Pro, despite having a larger battery. How does this work? Simple, you can’t use the maximum power of the company only when the battery is relatively empty.

Certainly, the charger 30W Warp Charger for the phone OnePlus 7 Pro charges the battery faster than the competitors which makes it get an advantage in the beginning, but the charging speed slows down when approaching the battery to charge fully. At the same time, the charger 25W that comes with the phone +Galaxy Note 10 reduces the charging speed to 15W only when the battery is nearly full.

You can see a chart of the process of charging the batteries of the phones four in the minute 9:30 in the video. Shipping Samsung phone at a steady rate until a little over 60%, while the slow charger for a bit at 20% and 40%, which means several times before reaching 100%.

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