Charging base three “wireless” from the Billy Two

If you are one of the collectors of devices Apple Smart whether her phone months iPhone or smart watch or other products it’s sure you’re waiting to ask the Apple company for the base wireless charging of its own known as AirPower.

Today we talk about the wireless charging base, but it’s not from Apple but from a company leading a company of Billy, and now the company offers the Beckley base wireless charging and triple charging devices wirelessly with, you can now charge your smartphone, iPhones in addition to smartwatch next to the port “USB” of the type “A” to charge a third device, and Lex includes headphones, Apple wireless Airpods.

Provide charging base 7.5 W from Qi power, compatible with the charge all of your Apple devices wirelessly, including the latest phone from Apple is XS Max in addition to the 5W/1A for charging smart watch and also through the port USB, and connect the power command by the power adapter wall bracket 45W comes with a charging base.

Announcement comes as company Billy from their new base after the failure of Apple to ask charging base by Radio that everyone awaits reports indicate that the main reason in delay to ask next is because of overheating which reach the base, has reported Apple’s upcoming wireless in manual to use your iPhone the new XS but still a date put forward by the non-specific until now.قاعدة شحن ثلاثية "لاسلكية" من بيلكين

The company said Billy, also in the new version of the PowerHouse charge, a charging base wired traditional phones to the iPhone via the port Lightning, but this time will be shipping the phone in vertical.

Will be provided to the charging base Wireless the beginning of the month of December at a price of about 160 USD, and for the charging base wired starts from 100 USD just will put it up in November.

As for the availability of such products in the Arab region or not, why is the official announcement about the markets that will stop the shipping rules, but buy Billy being good in most of the Arab countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia so it is expected to be available in the markets.

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