Charging technology Huawei SuperCharge 55W will be exclusive to the phone Huawei Mate X currently

Huawei Mate X -

Phone rollaway Huawei Mate X announced by Huawei recently in Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 currently held in Barcelona, Spain boasts many unique features in addition to the flexible screen. For example, it supports fast charging technology Huawei SuperCharge 55W, a technique that lets you charge your phone at 55 watts, this means it can be charged 85 percent of phone battery Huawei Mate X within just half an hour. However, the company Huawei to fast charging technology wonderful this new US up to the rest of the phones Huawei any time soon.

The suspended chairman of the Department of devices in consumer and mobile devices at Huawei Technology Huawei SuperCharge 55W said they will remain exclusive to the phone Huawei Mate X at the moment, and this in turn means that this technique won’t reach series phones Huawei P30 Series coming in the month of March next.

This is often due to some limitations on the level design, the phone Huawei Mate X folding does not guarantee one battery, but two batteries with a total capacity of 4500mAh. And fast charging technology for Huawei SuperCharge 55W ship them at once with greater efficiency. It looks similar to the report of the Oppo SuperVOOC Flash Charge 50W, which also used two batteries to do the magic.

Anyway, Huawei technology SuperCharge 40W, which the company launched with the phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro you must go back above technical now. In addition, Huawei technology SuperCharge 40W current is not bad, they are charging 74 percent of phone battery Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which amount to a capacity of 4100mAh within just half an hour.

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