Charlie Lee: halving of Bitcoin will not affect the value of the cryptocurrency

We are already halfway to another reducing rewards for mined block of Bitcoin. In cryptocommunist every day there are new assumptions about the possible impact of halving on the price of Bitcoin. Recall, the event itself will be held at 630 000 block around may 2020. The miners will get only 6,25 BTC for one unit.

While among experts is dominated by one curious theory. In their view, a reduction in emission of cryptocurrencies will lead to the growth of demand for Bitcoin, and as a result will increase its price. But the maker of Litecoin Charlie Lee adheres to absolutely other opinion — according to him, having do not affect the coin.

Why is not growing Bitcoin

All the theories that halving really is a prerequisite for the Pampa cryptocurrency, is built on the two previous reductions of awards for the block. For example, halving in 2012 became the trigger for bullrun 2013. At that time, the expected number namelennym bitcoins per year decreased from up to 1,314 2,628 million coins. A year later the price of bitcoin has jumped to a new annual minimum at the level of 1160$.

In an exclusive interview with AMBCrypto Charlie Lee expressed completely the opposite view. As an example, Li led the project — previous halving did not affect the price of the coin. In other words, the following bullrun can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, which does not need any prerequisites.

Source: Reddit

There is a small chance that the miners will not sell mined BTC after halving. If they work for a time in a small loss, it will relieve some of the pressure from the market. However, I don’t think having so much impact on the price of Bitcoin.

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