Charlie Lee: the security level of Bitcoin a hundred times higher Bitcoin Cash

The Creator of Litecoin , Charlie Lee has recently been a guest on a podcast Unchained leading Laura Shin. In the program If asked a few questions regarding his views on the future of the main cryptocurrency. The developer has compared the Bitcoin with it’s a fork of Bitcoin Cash and made several positive comments in support of the first.

Bitcoin is definitely better

Charlie does not see anything wrong with the part of the remuneration for a unit of cryptocurrency was used to Finance the developers. However, in this case, you need to sustain a certain balance. In the early days of Litecoin it was difficult to find good programmers who would be willing to work on a project for sane cost.

We are working to raise funds and pay their developers. Unlike ICO, we are not sitting on a pile of money received from the sale of tokens.

The initial purpose of Litecoin was not the complete replacement of Bitcoin.

I think it’s a compromise. Unfortunately, many people do not talk about trade-offs, but only say that they Commission projects below. Yeah, maybe the BCH, you need to pay less for the transfer of coin, but with Bitcoin you fully get what you pay for.

In other words, the reward to miners for network security main cryptocurrency fulfills its value by one hundred percent. The level of security of BTC is a hundred times higher than the security of Bitcoin Cash. Li pointed out that to attack Bitcoin is almost impossible, but to endanger the ecosystem BCH “pretty easy”.

Tonight, Bitcoin is trading at $ 5227, capitalization is at the level of 92 billion. For the past day the price of the cryptocurrency fell by 5.1 percent. To BTC began to grow again, subscribe to our cryptcat of hontarov! To learn more about jump to the moon will help the rating of the cryptocurrency.


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