Chat application reveals you the feeling of the other party artificial intelligence

Become a text messaging most important ways of communication in our time, but it lacks the feeling of the other Party of the conversation; do you mean what books? Or mean sarcasm or compliment?

For this the Kevin as the development of the application Truthify who can read the user feels during different ways of communication.

Uses Truthify machine learning -a branch of Artificial Intelligence – the front camera of your phone or tablet to determine the 43 facial muscles, and 14 times per second; to run algorithms while recording a message (video, image or text), as well as when the messages of the other Party of the conversation.

As a result, the application displays the 7 cases, the user’s emotional: fear, anger, disgust, happiness, contempt, sadness, surprise, with the percentage of control of each case, highlighting the higher percentage.

There is no doubt that the idea of the app is exciting and fun to communicate, but, even for the sake of argument the ability of artificial intelligence to find out our feelings through the camera of your phone or tablet, it is the provision of such information to the other Party of the chat idea is not desirable, as the developer of this system preached from the foundation they’re wrong, and they are in the progress of the feelings, and also may not provide movement of muscle to face someone the correct information about how he feels because of status congenital.

To add to what we have mentioned, will Truthify statements for the advertiser; not clear feedback on ads only or with feedback during the talks, though the developers say that the provision of information to advertisers would be without the definition it is person-specific.

Finally, expect تطبيقTruthify currently for download for iOS, go the official website that it will be available soon on Android.

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