Check the press release reveals Google notes search results

I found the newspaper The Wall Street Journal in an investigation published today Friday to engineers, contractors, Google working behind the scenes to change the algorithm that changed the search results in ways the company had denied her relationship in the past.

After testing Google algorithm and conduct more than 100 interviews, the newspaper reported that Google had intervened in her algorithm to reduce the rank of spammy sites and maintain black lists private, as well as make changes to the algorithm that favors the search rankings for one of the top advertisers (eBay) eBay, unlike the stated position of the company.

It is believed that the achievement of the Wall Street Journal has called the allegations the Conservatives on the bias and control Google, based on how to determine which content appears in its search engine and video site of YouTube. Indeed; to achieve the organization against fraud in the work of Google to determine whether they have captured the market for the same to stifle competition or harm consumers. Reported channel (CNBC) CNBC America on Thursday to prosecutors, the five who achieve a with Google they think to expand their investigations into Google Search, and the activities of Android.

In a statement to CNBC, said a Google spokesman: the investigation of the press is not accurate, and relies on anecdotes that are no longer applicable to its current policies related to research.

According to the investigation, the company Google has experienced internal conflict regarding the search algorithm to the highest levels in the company. The founders the co-chairs (Sergey Brin), and(Larry Page) on how to deal with unwanted content and content full of hatred in the early first decade of the Twenty-First Century, where the preferred brick approach lack of optimism and urged Paige to enter more proactive. He stated the investigation also that the pres – the son of Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union – allowed the of sites anti-Jewish to appear in search results when searching the term “Jew”, along with a disclaimer that “results generated are completely objective and independent of the beliefs and preferences of those who work at Google”.

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According to the newspaper, has pushed Paige towards a more rigorous approach to spammy sites, and tell a responsible executive in the research department then “do what you have to do is just” accusing wild as “destroy” the company. Indeed, it has Google changed in the later algorithm by the to fight spammy sites, and the more manual intervention, according to informed sources told the newspaper.

According to the Wall Street Journal also that Google Inc. has retained the lists of black sites spam to prevent them from appearing in autocomplete, which contradicts apparently with a certificate of an executive official of the Congress in 2018. When asked if Google had been included in the Black List “A Company, Group, or individual, or platform … for political reasons,” said vice president of Google’s public (Karan Bhatia): “No, ma’am, we don’t use black lists/white lists to influence the search results”.

Stated Google spokesman told CNBC that the company does not consider political ideology when tuning algorithms or products or policies. But the investigation noted that Google also has made one change to the at least on algorithm benefited the company (eBay) in the ads.

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