Chilly Snow — skiing and not spend a penny

Before the New year is a little more than two weeks. During this period, you need to choose and order gifts, purchase a week’s supply of Mandarin oranges, to decorate the tree and slice the Olivier. Sounds simple, but preparation time will take a lot, and money ritual requires a lot of. With this in mind, to break additional holidays in the mountains will be difficult. If skiing or snowboarding is delayed again until next year, do not worry. To feel any crunch of snow underfoot will help Chilly Snow.

Chilly Snow arcade from representatives Acid Cousins. It is not worth waiting for the incredible graphics, twisted plot and cool characters. Here everything is much easier, which immediately suggests the game description in Google Play.

Cheer up and watch out, roll down as far as possible in this endless snowy expanses!

This text ends. Intuition suggests that the application is designed for the holding of free minutes on the way to school, in supermarket queues or any other situations that involve waiting.

There’s a sense of Chilly Snow comes down to just rolling down the mountain. This time click on display and change direction of the skier. Quick click makes the rotation smooth, and long — sharp.

During the journey we are waiting for the obstacles. First of all, the trees that dot the entire map. Therefore, to face them we often. Second place in the ranking of opponents, oddly enough, is the lateral border of the card. If you face them, you will have to start the race again.

Finally, feel free to pass the levels prevent large boulders. They also roll down, so carefully look at what is happening on the display and remain focused as possible. The danger is waiting everywhere.

The higher the level, the harder it is to play. Some users complain about the abundance of advertising, but the problem is solved by disabling Internet.

The result is a simple game to relax. Chilly Snow easy to do spare time and will distract from what is happening.

Application: Chilly Snow
Developer: Acid Cousins
Category: Arcade
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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