China allow the use of “drones” in the shanka

Granting Chinese authorities the consent to service food delivery (, owned by Alibaba Alibaba, using a UAV (drone) Drones in the delivery of fast food along the 17 area in the region of Jin Zhongshan industrial zone in Shanghai.

Cover the waldron area of 58 square kilometers of area, Jin Zhongshan, according to the official approval, where scientists on request of shanka from their own 100 different restaurants in industrial area within 20 minutes at the most.

She told the newspaper South China morning post that the drone will only work between two constant for each track, where staff at the point of first compile requests, put them in the cargo hold of the aircraft without a pilot, and staff in locations accessible to the independence of requests, and delivered to the customer at their address.

Officials said the service plug ( that the use of drones in the shanka will greatly reduce operating costs compared to normal ways.

The company ( first he has the experience of delivery using drones in September last year, using the Derwent of model E7, which can carry 6 kilograms of food, and the walls up to a distance of 20 kilometers, and speeds of 65 kilometers per hour.

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