China and Russia can give a network the U.S. Energy

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الصين وروسيا يمكن أن تعطلا شبكة الطاقة الأمريكية

Careful report of the intelligence services of the possibility to give China andRussia the network of energy infrastructure in the United States, the report described the government’s new China as the biggest threat to spy’s letter to government agencies and corporate America, is shown to have the capacity to launch cyber attacks, causing temporary effects destructive of critical infrastructure such as the disabled pipelines of natural gas for a period of between several days to weeks in the United States.

Heard Senate leaders of the CIA, the Office of the director of National Intelligence, the NSA, and the FBI to discuss about the increasing threats to the Chinese, as well as cyber threats new posed by Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Reported that China significantly within the assessment of the global threat, which is an annual report issued by the U.S. intelligence community separates the major threats facing the United States and its allies.

The assessment showed that the China is working to improve the capabilities of cyber attacks and their ability to create campaigns that impact, including a change of information via the internet, the formation of views of China, and the views of American citizens.

He cited Senator Mark Warner Mark Warner to the report as a reason to move forward on legislation that aims to reduce the activities of China’s cyber espionage, he warned Chinese economic policy, which focused on striking the United States in areas such as artificial intelligence, networks and 5G.

Proposed bill would create the Office of biotechnology and security, which works to educate business leaders about the threats to US national security due to the acquisition of erroneous transfer of sensitive technologies by foreign countries relying on foreign products, such as those manufactured by Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE-T-E, which you know the public security at risk.

According to the report, China is not the only country that can disrupt the infrastructure, he said the intelligence agencies that Russia choose the infrastructure of America and to determine weaknesses that can be used to launch a devastating attack via the internet.

And Moscow is now processing asset electronic attacks that allow him to modify the infrastructure of the civil and military of America, or damaged during the crisis.

It owns Russia the ability to carry out attacks via the internet against the United States, which in turn generate effects localized temporary disabled critical infrastructure, such as disabling the electricity distribution network for a period of not less than a few hours, similar to what happened in Ukraine in 2015 and 2016.

Christopher Ray Christopher Wray, Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, if Russia continues to use social media platforms to further campaign impact, including the mid-term elections in 2018, there are other countries interested in conducting similar campaigns.

Said Dan Cote Dan Coats, The director of National Intelligence in comments to the committee intelligence of the Senate: “with the growing interdependence of the world, we expect those players to rely more and more on cyber capabilities when seeking to obtain the advantages of political, economic and military”.

He warned Dan of the possibility that the technology becomes itself a threat, as developments in areas such as artificial intelligence, and communication technologies, biotechnology and the changing way of life, but opponents of the United States are investing heavily in these technologies, it is likely to create new and unanticipated challenges for the economy and American security.

The gate Arab News Technical China and Russia can give a power grid of America

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