China bans access to all versions of Wikipedia

Started China recently banned all versions language encyclopedia free online Wikipedia Wikipedia, after the ban was suspected in the previous version the Chinese language Wikipedia (, but now extended to include all versions of the free encyclopedia.

Andaccording to the service to monitor blocking of the internet in all over the world OONI administered by the project Tor, the ban has started last month, will try to access any page of the encyclopedia Wikipedia from within China, regardless of language, to the occurrence of a communication error.

Aims to ban any issuing branch or version of the language of Wikipedia, regardless of the fact that this version already exists or not, without targeting any of the sources other Wikimedia, except

And the control group control separate, if China blocked access to Wikipedia since the date of 22 April, which was confirmed by users and analysts on social media platforms in China.

The company China Telecom China Telecom has blocked access to the Chinese language version of Wikipedia since November 2016 at least, will support all versions of Wikipedia now to nearly 10 thousand range is banned in China.

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And it is not yet clear why the Prohibition of Chinese government websites in all of its versions, but it may be temporary, where observers predict that the ban related to the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre of Tiananmen Square, Tiananmen, which occurred on 4 June 1989.

Has been banned by the Chinese government in general all discussions relating to this event, which led to the authorities ‘ use of Chinese military force to crush the pro-democracy movement led by students.

Banned China selectively some of the pages on Wikipedia that were critical of its government led by the communists, but it started in the year 2015 to prevent access to the pages of Wikipedia in Mandarin after that go the site of the encyclopedia to use HTTPS encryption by default to protect users from surveillance unexplained.

Did you know the Wikimedia Foundation a non-profit based in San Francisco and the Encyclopedia of Wikipedia, on the ban until now.

Users can access to the site is controlled from within China by installing a VPN service, which will allow them to connect to the internet via a server located outside the country.

And tried China’s recent crackdown on the use of VPN services, with the threat of the imposition of fines against any person who uses the services of VPN unauthorized.

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