China can take on the market of smart speakers in the first quarter of this year


He flourished the sector of smart speakers in China where it has grown by 500 percent in the first quarter of this year. During the first four months, was shipped 10.6 million units to help China to secure 51 percent of the global market. On the other hand, saw the United States of America shipped five million units over the same period, which made her get 24 percent of the market share.

Possessed Baidu ranked first in the Chinese market due to the exclusive deal with the Chinese news agency CCTV. This in turn gave the brand a bigger audience during the holiday season and the Chinese New Year. Saw both Alibaba and Xiaomi and Tencent double-digit growth during this period.

On this subject, stated analyst Nicole Peng of the corporation Canalys, said : ” the rapid development of China is driven to a large extent the vendors who flock with large amounts of money to improve the share of the dominant quickly. The preference for this strategy by internet service providers like Baidu and Alibaba and Tencent “.

Continued to Xiaomi and Alibaba’s growth since the last quarter of 2018 thanks to promotional similar during the holiday season in China. In general, going to Chinese brands towards immediate profits, which also helped in increasing their sales.

On the other hand, focused on man and Google to improve the product by adding more gear to the speakers own smart such as screens and cameras to enhance their functionality.


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