China is building a new international space station by 2022

In China, construction began on the new space station. Experts call it the last step in the beginning of the space race powers. China’s Ambassador to the UN Shi Juncture have invited the world to participate in the project. “KKS belongs not only to China, and all countries, regardless of their size and level of development, can cooperate on equal terms,” he said.

A new space station, can start work after 2022, according to documents published by the UN Office on outer space. It should function for about a decade and maintain a presence on it of the six astronauts for up to 180 days. The construction of some parts already completed. The main module is named “Tianhe-1”, or “Harmony of heaven.” This module will be sent into orbit in 2020.

It is known that the United States banned the space Agency in China to use the ISS because of security reasons. However, ISS is not eternal, and the administration of Donald trump is considering the possibility of suspending the US on the ISS by 2025.

NASA has already spent about $ 100 billion on maintaining the ISS, which functions as an orbital laboratory for scientists and astronauts. Already, many of those who stood for maintaining the ISS, investing in the Chinese space station. Said hotel billionaire Robert Bigelow who has his own plan for the construction of the space station, exceeding in area the ISS twice.

According to Ars Technica, the European space Agency agreed to cooperate with China. Their astronauts will be able to use the new station in 2020-ies.

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