China is investing $ 29 million to replace the slide of America

After the sanctions imposed by the United States earlier this year which deprived the Chinese companies of technological elements the main, taken the liberty of technical and economic cooperation between China and the United States a new form.

They formed the China Investment Fund worth 204 million Chinese yuan (29 billion USD) dedicated to investments in the semiconductor industry, has contributed to part of the building submitted by the state of China, which pumped 44.5 million yuan directly within the Development Bank of the tank of the Ministry of finance, without the expense of contributions of the companies under the control of the government and the provincial governments.

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I have been banned Huawei and other actors of the Chinese not only of systems such as Android, but also from the processors. Although the chipset Kirin part of the development of Huawei, only that the ARM architecture that lies at the heart of these slides rely on the techniques of America.

The amount is invested is certainly important, but the bigger challenge, even for China. If they want to become completely independent in about semiconductors, will have the development and innovation of new manufacturing operations.


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