China is the implementation provided by the iPhone’s own Donald Trump, and suggests we move to Huawei


New York Times reported earlier this week that the American President Donald Trump still uses his personal phone iPhone which has yet to reach a level that befits a president of the United States when it comes to security. The report stated that China and Russia use this test on his phone. I refuted China this report presented a proposal quipped that if he couldn’t iPhone keep calls Donald Trump safe, you may need to move to Huawei.

Huawei is a Chinese company to a large one of the leading companies in the smartphone market. I’ve been accused of since a long time, especially by many federal agencies in the United States that its products are designed to enable Chinese intelligence of spying on users. It has also been the Prohibition of network equipment manufactured by Huawei in the United States. Thus, this explains the comment of charming the Chinese government of the need to transfer Donald Trump to use the Huawei instead of the iPhone to keep his phone safe.

Mr. Hua Chunying of the Chinese Foreign Ministry was announced by saying : ” if they are so concerned about the tapping of phones iPhone, they can use the phones for Huawei “. This statement was made as a comment on the report issued by the New York Times.

The US government does not want to be using phones Huawei by consumers of America, and therefore it is impossible to accept the possibility of the use of the phone Chinese company by US President Donald Trump. Federal agencies in the United States of America, including the FBI, FBI warn American consumers to use products of Huawei. And there is no response currently on the statement issued by the Chinese government.

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