China launches rocket to space to rival SpaceX

Announced science and Technology Corporation China Aerospace CASC, a leader in the construction of space rockets, for the program “the long March” Long March or the long March, for my company, SpaceX, SpaceX and blue find Blue Origin the Americas in the field of Industry, missiles and reusable space re-use of the launch more than once.

The company said it is preparing to launch a rocket LM-8 space by 2020, which will be its first stage reusable, like a rocket SpaceX Falcon and Falcon Hefner, after landing vertically back on earth, the company promised to make all its rockets reusable by the year 2035.

Rocket LM-8 is a spacecraft of average size, able to carry 7.7 tons to low Earth orbit, and glide thanks to its two booster rockets, liquid K2, once the separation of the third stage of the rocket into orbit, would be the first phase to earth and land vertically on the platform prepared for it.

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