China launches the birds of the robot and to promote the surveillance and Trade of the government

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China expanded the horizons of the current surveillance through a flock of doves robotic, equipped with high-tech monitoring, which are currently in the sky of the five Chinese provinces at least, including Xinjiang, the troubled, so that they provide additional experience in the surveillance network already developed in the country, and the development of UAVs that resemble doves by researchers at the northwestern Polytechnical University Northwestern Polytechnical in Shaanxi province Shaanxi, who worked in the previous on fighter planes and the subtle use by the chinese air force.

And program birds, trade name, symbolic protection, “Dover” Dove, explained one of the researchers involved that the launch of this technology is still in its early stages, Yang Wen-Ching Yang Wenqing, an assistant professor at the Faculty of aviation at the university that worked on the development of the program “technical still not widespread compared to other types of UAVs used today, we believe that the technology has good possibilities for widespread use in the future, as it has some unique features able to meet the demand in respect of the aircraft without a pilot within the military and civil sectors”.

Equipped with every bird’s a robot with a Global Positioning System GPS, HD camera, and a control system in flight wearing a satellite, so as to allow the possibility to control bird remotely and the drone of a small electric motor to make the wings flutter, where you can’t people on the ground to distinguish from a real bird.

And programs specially designed to overcome any movement of vibration to ensure that the camera for clear photos and videos is fixed, said Professor li to Li Yachao, a researcher in the field of radars and military technology lab of national defence to address the radar signals in Xi Xian, if the movement of the wings of the Dove was vibrant so that she may serve even more systems, radar sensitivity, and the use of camouflage on the outer body of the aircraft can distort the radar signature.

And the idea of birds Android of far-fetched, but it has become reality to a large extent, they are used by China currently to monitor the people in all parts of the country, and published more than 30 agencies, military and government UAV similar to that within the five counties, at least in recent years, including the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in far Western China, a vast region located on the border with Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, which is home to a large number of Muslims, and considers Beijing a stronghold of separatism and a long time ago.

Said another researcher participation in the project “dove” the goal was to develop a new generation of unmanned aircraft with geometry inspired by biologically capable of disguising itself to avoid detection by humans or radar, he said that the machinery existing within the sector Android current able to mimic about 90 percent of the movement of real protection, adding that they also produce noise is very small, which makes it very difficult to detect from the ground, which is vibrant to the point that real birds often fly next to them.

The team conducted nearly 2,000 flight-test before deploying the UAV in a realistic situation, and included one of the experiments in Inner Mongolia, northern China, the flight of birds above a flock of sheep, an animal known for a sense of severe hearing and their ability to freaking out easily, the person said the sector had not paid any attention at all to the plane flying over them.

Issued Nanjing University Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2012, “Tian Ying” Tian Ying, a flying robot the size of an eagle, according to information contained on government websites, the Harbin Institute of Harbin technology, a top University in China for research, is developing a flying drone with the wings of a great ability to work in the thin air in the highlands.

Concluded the assessment made by the research center of military non-specific to the drone of practical value, with its ability to stay in the air for more than 20 minutes and a distance of 5 kilometers, said Jean xiaohua Gan Xiaohua, chief engineer of Research Institute of Air Force equipment in the Beijing PLA, the design of the Dove of the unique means that can convert electrical energy into mechanical force with high efficiency.

It should be noted that China recently tested a fleet of ships drone capable of attacking enemy ships to form a squadron of sharks, has been training earlier this month included the 56 vessels in the South China Sea in order to prove their ability to work in the formation of a variety during the war the Navy, said Li Jie Li Jie expert on the Chinese Navy at that time: “you can ship small combat to attack the enemy in large numbers similar to the drones as soon as you provide them with weapons, where you control the Mother ship for the squadron during the fighting, which makes them easy to spread and abuse”.

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