China owns 100 supercomputer more than the United States, according to a new report


China is home to 219 supercomputer in the world when you have the United States of America 116 supercomputer only, at least according to the latest Top500. But still super-computer, the most powerful is the Summit owned by the company IBM in the United States of America, followed by a super-computer, and Sierra owned by the same company.

Computers use supernatural in tasks that require a great deal of computing such as quantum physics, and predicting effects of global climate change, the design of engines and aircraft, the reconstruction of the history of the universe, and check whether it is still possible weapon of the ancient to spend.

The company said the Top500 that make the most powerful supercomputers in the world twice in general to computers, capital is the only one that made its way to the list for the first time ever, so I stated : ” the increased overall performance of the computer hacks the 500 all to 1.56 Expo “.

Occupied China the third and fourth places thanks to the computerized superheroes Sunway TaihuLight and Tianhe-2A. It should be noted that the development of the first computer by the National Research Center of Engineering Technology Computer parallel in China, while has been the development of super-computer, and the second by the National University China of defence technology.

He took a computer superhero another American ranked fifth, which is the computer Frontera Dell and it has been in Texas becoming the newest member who is making his way to the list of supercomputers of the ten strongest in the world. It should be noted that Japan, Switzerland and Germany have in turn supercomputers considered in the list of supercomputers of the ten strongest in the world.

There are 29 of the best supercomputers in the world in Japan, 19 in France, 18 in the UK, 14 in Germany, 13 in Ireland, the Netherlands, 8 in Canada, and 5 in Singapore.

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