China plans to grab the top supercomputers from the United States

Plan China to invest billions of dollars to update their infrastructure to match the mammoth to restore the sport in this area after the United States ranked first in the list of the fastest supercomputers in 2018, ending the dominance of China, which lasted for five years.

China aims to run the latest computers giant Shuguang at a faster rate at about 50 percent of the best hardware American Current, which helps her to regain the title from the United States in this year’s rankings of the fastest devices in the world.

It is assumed the delivery of these computers to the Chinese giant to the center of the information network of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing in order to enter within the rating of the Top500 world’s fastest computers in the world.

And the ability to produce computers, Super-evolution is an important for any state, where they are widely used for tasks ranging from weather forecasting and modeling of ocean currents energy technology and simulate nuclear explosions.

Increasing demand for supercomputing in commercial applications, driven by developments in artificial intelligence.

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The former U.S. President, Barack Obama, Barack Obama had signed in 2015 an executive order to allow the creation of the national initiative for the way Strategic NSCI in order to accelerate the process of development of techniques for computing Exascale and the financing of research in the field of computing based on semiconductors.

And computing Exascale machines capable of calculating at least exaFLOPS one or a million million calculations per second.

Dominate China and the United States in relation to as fast as the computer giant in the world, where dominate China’s ratio of 45.4 percent of the best system in the world, the United States dominates the proportion of 21.8 percent.

Japan ranked second with 6.2 percent, and 4 percent of the United Kingdom, in accordance with the list of the Top500 issued in November.

China began building supercomputers without the semiconductor America after the Prohibition of the Obama administration selling chips, Intel India, AMD computers Chinese giant in 2015.

Launched in China in the following year her computer, ultra Sunway TaihuLight, working with a Chinese version of a Linux operating system and chip developer locally called Matrix-2000.

This became the situation the faster a supercomputer, in the Top500 list issued in the month of June 2016.

Represented a large capacity for processing information, the foundation of artificial intelligence and the industrial internet and the fifth-generation industries of the future other.

Although the United States, the main competitor, has tried to curb China’s progress, however, domestic demand enormous capacity of supercomputing forced the Chinese to solve problems through their independent development.

And China’s investment planned, with funding from the central government and local governments concerned, to develop a larger plan for future development to suit the Chinese giant.

It is supposed to use the funding to upgrade the laboratory of the Qingdao National Marine Science and technology and the National Centre for the way high-tech enterprises in Tianjin and the National Center for the way high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen for the latest devices computing Exascale in 2020 and 2021 and 2022.

Must be computer cutting-edge in these centers are able to perform calculations many times faster than the Summit, the most powerful computer giant in the United States.

The foam that the United States has dominated supercomputing for many years, however, China ranked first in the Top500 list of world since the launch of the Tianhe-2 in 2013, which was built by the China University of national defense technology.

Was able to China to maintain the first position until 2017, to after computer Summit the American giant lead in the Top500 list, which push the situation of the Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight to second place.

Topped computers, Summit and Sierra American giant lead in the latest classification of the semi-annual issued in November of last year, while the edges of the milk Sunway TaihuLight and Tianhe-2 the Chinese giant the third and fourth places.

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