China prohibits the use of equipment and software to U.S. public sector institutions

الصين تحظر استعمال المعدات والبرمجيات الأمريكية في مؤسسات القطاع العامAs expected, it’s a matter of time until the Chinese government likewise decisions of America and the Prohibition of the latter for Huawei in the U.S. market, the report noted, the newspaper Financial Times that the Chinese government was circulated to all government institutions and public sector in the state to desist from the use of technical equipment and software of America and replacing it with local.

Where you put the Chinese government a timetable for these decisions start from the present until the year 2022 for the of United States technologies and the use of alternatives to local Chinese available.

In this is not the first time out of China resolutions of similar but it looks more good currently in the application of the resolution a reality; and in particular it is working to increase its dominance and in the internet as well as the push toward greater reliance on equipment and technical tools and methodology local Chinese and retaining information and data of its citizens within the borders of the state.

Certainly this decision will lay the consequences on the major American companies, notably Microsoft, which has been improving its relationship with the Chinese government as well as the Dell and the HP and the iPhone that derive a large portion of their annual income from the largest world markets; taking into account that the alternatives are Chinese in majority are mainly dependent on the components of the organs of the semiconductor company of America too!


The Financial Times

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