China prohibits the use of US technology in its departments of government

الصين تحظر استخدام التكنولوجيا الامريكية في دوائرها الحكوميةChina prohibits the use of US technology in the chambers of government

China prohibits the use of US technology in the chambers of government

We all know that it was just a matter of time before China begins to provide the trade embargo for U.S. companies in exchange for the ban on equipment Huawei imposed by the United States in May.

I predicted in a previous article I prohibits China phones the faith of Abel as a sort of reply to the U.S. embargo, but the reaction came in tell include .

The newspaper Financial Times reported today that Beijing has ordered all government institutions and public bodies to dispose of computer equipment foreign currency, according to the report, China will complete between now and 2022 on the transition of hardware and software the U.S. in favor of domestic alternatives.

This is not the first time China publicly that the American technology is undesirable within the government, but this step may be more urgent this time, as the country looks to undo the image geo-political wider.

China is also behind this decision about ways to better adapt to the internet and keep their data within their borders, according to the law of China Internet Security 2017.

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