China threaten Germany with vengeance in the case of the Prohibition of Huawei of 5G networks

Threatened Chinese ambassador in Germany of retaliation if you exclude the last company Huawei of China as the location for wireless networks 5G, citing the millions of cars sold by German car manufacturers in China and exports German lucrative to China, which totalled 786 million euros, according to the offer issued by the agency Bloomberg.

The growing resistance against Huawei among legislators in the ruling coalition with the Chancellor Angela Merkel Angela Merkel, who challenge its policy toward China’s motivation to support the stability in relations with Beijing through the bill imposes a broad prohibition on equipment vendors 5G networks not trusted.

Sought to German lawmakers in collaboration with the largest party in the federal parliament, the Christian Democratic Union and the SPD, the German, to the drafting of the draft law, which seeks to indirectly to ban the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei of 5G networks.

Has been approved by the German management cyber security norms and standards for such networks, but critics insisted that this is not enough, demanding that that include the standards and policy of the country of origin and also, in an indirect attack against China, which sends the message not acceptable on the wishes of Berlin access to the Chinese markets despite of the attempt to ban Chinese companies inside German.

Ambassador Wu Ken Wu Ken, yesterday Saturday in the summit Handelsblatt industry: the Chinese government will not stand idly by if Germany has taken a decision to exclude Huawei from the German market, there will be consequences.

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Expanded the administration of US President Donald Trump to recruit allies to the United States to put pressure on Huawei as the site of 5G, and represents a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission this month the latest attempt by Huawei to fight the sanctions and American borders that threaten the work of the first vendor globally to address communications.

While German legislation does not mention the name of Huawei explicitly, only that it’s designed specifically for the Chinese company, comes after months of debate about the security of 5G, and refused to Huawei over American allegations about the potential for its equipment to vandalism.

Chinese ambassador: the Huawei company is not legally bound to submit data to the Chinese government, and then reminded the audience that the German manufacturers, representing a quarter of the number of cars that were sold in China, which amounted to 28 million vehicles last year, adding, “You could say one day that these German cars are no longer safe because we are in a position to manufacture our own cars, the answer is no, because that would be protectionist purely”.

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