China unveiled its first hydrogen car with a record power reserve of

Petrol cars cause harm to the environment, and the electric — charged for too long, so some car manufacturers are looking for salvation in the hydrogen engines. They are already involved in some Honda and Hyundai, but the Chinese companies still have not been able to release their model. However, it’s finally happened — the first hydrogen car from China received the name of Grove Obsidian, he already has a sport version called Granite.

The car is young, founded in 2016 by the Grove company — for three years, named after English physicist William grove firm managed to assemble a team and develop a preproduction sample of its new products. The company is confident in the benefits of hydrogen fuel and its security, but not yet ready to share the exact characteristics of the vehicle. But people know his record, according to the manufacturer, the performance of reserve and economy.

The first hydrogen car from China

The main feature of Grove Obsidian — that’s a range of 1,000 kilometers. This characterization may be of interest to many buyers, because the other eco-friendly cars can’t boast such numbers, and on a single charge passing approximately 750 kilometers, and that is their limit. For example, this range boasts the Honda Clarity.

A car Grove remarkable fuel economy thanks to a lightweight body from carbon materials and low aerodynamic resistance. The design was developed by the man who drew the appearance of the Alfa Romeo and Fiat, so in appearance it is possible to notice a very familiar elements.

Grove Obsidian — mobile hydrogen bomb?

Refueling the hydrogen tank takes only 3 minutes and while driving the exhaust pipe emits environmentally safe water vapor. Many may think that Grove Obsidian similar to mobile hydrogen bomb, but this is a misconception. The fuel tank is designed to withstand any accident — if it is formed in the hole, the hydrogen flows out in a compressed liquid form and burns for 1.5 minutes and warms the body up to a maximum of 47 degrees Celsius.

Mass production Grove Obsidian will begin in 2020. For the first 12 months, the company plans to produce 5,000 cars, and by 2030 to reach the million mark. The novelty will become the basis for other cars, and she already has a sports version of the Granite with a modified body design.

Hydrogen are not only cars, but also the whole truck. The most famous of these is presented in 2016, Nikola is One, the features of which can be read in our material.

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