China urges Britain not to discriminate against Huawei in the development of 5G

China has warned on Sunday that Britain discrimination towards the companies involved in the development of the fifth-generation networks 5G, and invited them to resist the pressure from other states on whether it should work with a company Huawei.

The warning from China at a time when the Huawei – which is the largest manufacturers of communications equipment in the world – check severely after the United States invited its allies to use non-technical company because of fears they may be a means used by the Chinese government to. He denied Huawei repeatedly.

The agency Reuters has transferred on Wednesday from its sources to the National Security Council, the British decided to ban Huawei from all parts of the core network of the fifth generation in the country and restrict their access to parts is essential.

In an article published by the newspaper “Sunday Telegraph” The Sunday Telegraph, defended China’s ambassador to Britain (Liu Xiaoming) about being Huawei enjoys a good record in the area of security, said: if Britain “to make decisions independently in accordance with its national interests”.

He wrote Xiao Ming: “the last thing the world needs is introducing any kind of discriminatory measures against companies involved in the development of the network of the fifth generation of 5G”. He added: “the last stop of his China of ‘Britain’s global open and honest really’ is a square game, not demure”.

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Xiaoming said that security concerns on the development of 5G superior, but can at the same time addressed. He added: “risks must be taken seriously but should not be allowed to incitement to fear, not the representative of the processed, provided that the cooperating countries and companies together.”

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