China warned the United Kingdom: ban on Huawei would be your

Warned China of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the decision to ban the company Huawei’s networks fifth generation (5G) will cost Britain dearly in investment, where he came to challenge the British as a result of the pressure of politicized than the American President Donald Trump.

After hours of ordered Johnson to remove the equipment Huawei networks fifth generation (5G) by the end of 2027, the ratio of Trump credit for this decision to himself, he said that if he wanted the two countries to carry out business activities with the United States, we have blocked Huawei.

But China, which has the size of its economy is $ 15 trillion, five times the size of the British economy, warned that the decision to ban Huawei will invest, where I saw the Chinese companies in London give up on the hero of national communications.

The ambassador said the Chinese (Liu Xiao-Ming) Liu Xiaoming of the Centre for European Reform: “I would like to say now that this is not only disappointing, but disheartening”, adding that Britain simply create about this company.

He noted that other Chinese companies to follow closely the way in which Huawei, it will be extremely difficult for other companies to have the confidence for further investment.

At the same time that Britain to abandon the European Union, forced the concerns about the security of Huawei’s Johnson born in New York to take sides in the rivalry between the United States and China.

He described China’s foreign ministry and Britain as the place is relatively small it became an affiliate of the United States, and added that the safety of Chinese investment in the United Kingdom is under threat the great.

Said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman (is the) Hua Chunying: do you want the UK to maintain its independent or to become a vassal of the United States.

Britain became increasingly dependent on Chinese imports, as 9 percent of all goods imported into Britain in 2018 – worth 43 million pounds ($54 million) – came from China.

But British companies invest increasingly in China, has doubled between 2013 and 2018 to its investment more than doubled in economics No. 2 in the world to 16 million pounds, according to the British official.

In contrast, the total Chinese investment in British businesses £ 1.8 billion in 2018 – less than the investment of the United States, the largest foreign investor single in Britain.

Trump said to reporters in the White House after the British decision: “we convinced many of the state – I’ve done it myself in most often – not to use Huawei, because we think it is a big security risk”.

Britain said the ban on Huawei was driven by their security concerns and fears that supplies may be available due to U.S. sanctions, and denied that Trump was solely responsible for the Prohibition of Huawei.

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