China will begin to produce toothbrushes for mining

A router or a heater that is able to mine crypto-currency to surprise anyone already difficult enough, but a toothbrush for these miners — completely. Apparently, it was the payment from the Chinese company 32Teeth, has announced its intention to create a brush-miner allows you to mine bitcoins while brushing your teeth. Interestingly, the company has no plans ICO to raise funds. Instead, the money for the project will be collected through the crowdfunding platform JD Finance.

High-tech toothbrush will recognize the face of the host to keep statistics on personal hygiene of the user and will compare it with the average. In addition, the gadget will switch between 16 modes, record cleaning process, analyze it, and the forgetful owner will timely remind you of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening.

But the main feature brush is the opportunity to earn a little cryptocurrency while brushing your teeth. The inventors report that for every teeth cleaning, the owner will receive a token AYA, which you can buy hygiene of the oral cavity, a toothpaste, other brushes, and even dental care.

Despite the fact that the concept looks nothing more than an amusing trinket, the developers have been able to raise the money necessary for the development and production of the first batch of the amount of 100 thousand yuan. The fundraiser will last until the end of may.

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