China will build two ultra-fast transport system

American company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has agreed with one of the local Chinese state-owned enterprises to establish a company that will build the country’s first line of high-speed vacuum transport. The object is going to build on the territory of Guizhou province (South China).

“China occupies leading positions in the world’s longest high-speed rail transport over long distances. Now Chinese authorities are looking for a more efficient method of transportation with Hyperloop technology” — quoted by the Chinese media of the Chairman of the Board of Directors HTT Bebop Gresto.

According to’s great, a new kind of high-speed transport system of transportations of passengers and cargoes, will enable China to solve a pressing problem. According to the declared plans, in the first phase it is planned to create the vacuum line length of 10 kilometers. In the future it is planned to be extended. Whether a 10-kilometer branch to communicate some important settlements, is not specified.

Recall that the concept of the Hyperloop was proposed in 2012 by the American entrepreneur Elon Musk. Its essence lies in the creation of high-speed closed system in which in a vacuum will move the train-capsule, developing a speed of over 1,200 kilometers per hour. With the help of such technologies from Moscow to St. Petersburg, for example, can be reached in just 40 minutes. Technology can see serious potential competition to impose on air and rail transport, allowing to fully modify the existing transportation infrastructure.

In addition to the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies agreement with a Chinese government-affiliated companies received another American startup Arrivo, headed by a former engineer of the company SpaceX Borgan Bambergen, and work in it the former employees of the company Hyperloop One. GTA Chinese company decided to invest in Arrivo $ 1 billion.

Recall that the essence of the project Arrivo is equipping the existing infrastructure of roads and public areas two additional lanes, which will be located separately from the main stream. As in the case of Hyperloop, the special vehicle will move within the closed system. Through the use of Maglev technology movement in Arrivo lines will be carried out at a speed of 320 kilometers per hour.

As reported by Bloomberg, funding in the amount of $ 1 billion may be enough for the construction of three branches of the system Arrivo length of about 15 kilometers. With the successful implementation of the project, such the transport system will be able to find interest among more investors, says the publication.

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