China will send a space probe to study the near-earth asteroid and comet

The sphere of interests of China in the conquest of space is expanding every month. According to Chinese news media “Xinhua”, referring to the representatives of the Chinese national space administration, China is preparing an ambitious new mission, whose task will be studying the new kazipoteka Earth asteroid in 2016 HO3 and comets 133P.

“Mission to study the asteroid is currently under development, the mission implies that a single launch is scheduled to make a flyby of the asteroid, land on its surface, collecting samples and transmitting them to Earth in the returning module”, — said the Deputy head of the lunar program of China, Liu Jizhong.

According to Tijuna, all stages of preparation and execution of the mission will take about 10 years. Specific dates for the start of the mission, the Deputy head of the lunar program, China was not named, but briefly describe its stages.

To near-earth asteroid in 2016 HO3 plan to send a probe that will collect samples of soil from the surface of a small celestial body. Then the spacecraft is scheduled to return to earth orbit, where it “detachable” return the module with samples, and I will continue my job – to fly to the asteroid belt and the orbit of comet 133P, taking up its study. The latter, also referred to as “Elst-Pizarro” is the prototype of main-belt comets and the Solar system, which exhibits characteristics of both a comet and an asteroid.

Asteroid 2016 HO3 was opened by the American jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA in 2016. According to the results of ground studies of this small celestial body, the object is temporarily in orbit around our planet (came to the us about a hundred years ago) and leave it for about few hundred years. The researchers say that the asteroid is not moving closer to our planet closer than the distance 38 from the earth to the moon, and therefore no danger is not.

Liu Jizhong said that in the implementation of the mission will be able to accept not only Chinese private companies and various research organizations. It is planned to attract foreign partners. The space probe will be able to take on Board the eight pieces of scientific equipment, including cameras, spectrometers and analyzers.

China has been eager to become a space superpower. And for that, the celestial Empire has already done a lot. For example, the first ever planted in the beginning of this year on the back side of the moon lander and lunar Rover mission “Chang’e-4”. About how they are doing in the present — you can read one of our previous news. The mission of the PRC also conducts, jointly with international partners. Holland, Sweden and Germany have provided technical support and provided to the machine several scientific instruments.

The final goal of China’s national space administration – joint construction of a permanent base on the Earth’s satellite.

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