China withdraws approval of the company’s subsidiary to buy Facebook

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We reported last week that Facebook managed entry of new China note that Facebook was in many of the services that were banned in China. While the Facebook website itself is still banned in China, the Government had allowed the Chinese company to open a branch in the country. However, it has revealed a report that China has now withdrawn the approval of the company Facebook.

Revealed database of the Chinese government for the granting of Facebook approval to open a subsidiary called Facebook Technology Hangzhou. The company was established subsidiary valued at $ 30 million ” to support the developers, innovators and novice Chinese“, according to the company Facebook itself.

The New York Times reported that the settlement that has since disappeared, as the local media censored partial references on Facebook. As was withdrawal of consent, according to a person familiar with the project revealed that of the writer.

This source said further that the decision to withdraw the approval came after a dispute between officials of the Zhejiang, where the company had to sub-exist and management of the sector of cyber in China, which is the regulator of the internet in the country. Apparently decided that the regulatory body withdraw the approval from Facebook because it has not been consulted closely in the project in general.

Didn’t know Facebook on this issue until now and the same thing applies to the Government of the province of Zhejiang or sector management of cyber in China.


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