China’s blocking of Wikipedia in all languages

Why write a China book site the free encyclopedia Wikipedia in Chinese about its users, but has now become a book Encyclopedia in other languages also.

As we know that Wikipedia is the Chinese blocked in China since 2015, but it seemed from last month have become obscured by the location of Wikipedia in all languages.

I don’t know yet the real reason that prompted China to tighten the block to the free encyclopedia, only that the timing of the blackout coincided with a few weeks of the thirtieth anniversary of the protests Tiananmen Square laws.

It is usual to block China’s access to certain websites or web pages that talk about the protests, but with no Wikipedia to use encryption of the content of their pages, why China is able to block access to specific pages, so this may be the reason that she was forced to block the entire website in all languages so users can peruse the content of the Encyclopedia in Chinese after translation.

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