China’s transformation to a national computer threatens foreign technology

It was reported that China ordered all government offices and public institutions to remove the hardware and computer software foreign currency within three years, which is another illustration of the growing gap in technical sectors between China and the United States, which included technical problems between the countries, smart phones and social media applications.

Stretched problems now to include hardware and software intended for desktop computers, and aims it’s Chinese New, aka as the “3-5-2”, to increase China’s reliance on domestic technology industry, can such a Chinese expansion that constitutes a hit for groups of foreign technology, such as HP, Delhi and Microsoft.

China seeks to replace up to 20 million pieces that at the rate of 30 percent in 2020, and 50 percent in the following year and the remaining 20 percent in 2022.

And it’s the new Chinese part of Chinese efforts to the long-term to get the technology safe and biodegradable in the industries government, industry, critical as part of the cyber security bill, which should be paid to the front companies manufacturing computers, such as Lenovo and Huawei Share.

And in the past year the shipment of 48 million computers to China, according to market research firm Gartner, in spite of the low figure from previous years, with the economy slowing, China remains the largest country in terms of customer computers in the world.

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Approved manufacturing companies computers Foreign a little bit of problems in China so far, and enjoyed the company of American particular harvest level in the market for several years, but company Del warned in its earnings report last issued in the month of November that the work of the servers in Asia’s largest economy was bad.

Although it’s Chinese aka as the “3-5-2” improves the expectations of the Chinese brands, however, there are obstacles to achieving supply chain homemade full, with Lenovo, the leading company in the Chinese market in terms of sales, many products in China, but the chip by the processing of the production of Intel and pills steel production Samsung.

As form the people of the state the biggest obstacle of gear in the presence of a few domestic alternatives, most vendors develop products for operating systems famous American, such as MS Windows and MacOS from Apple, in the operating system Kylin Linux-based criticism because of her experience bad to the user.

This was seen operating system by some analysts as an alternative to a local potential for a Windows operating system dominant from Microsoft, which has been developed by academics at the National University of Defense Technology, China since 2001, based first versions of FreeBSD, and it was dedicated for use by the Chinese army and other government organizations.

However, if you follow the industry of personal computers in China recent trends in the markets for mobile devices and tablets, where competing domestic brands on an equal footing with their foreign competitors in terms of design and power, the communities of America will have nothing to worry about.

There is already turning a national buying patterns, consumer electronics because of the trade wars, and you can see it in the markets of tablets and smart phones now, and helps the vendors are local, such as Huawei those to take advantage of this, according to said Eric Smith, Eric Smith, director of the computing devices connected in the market research firm Strategy Analytics.

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