Chinese companies threatening their employees with eviction because of the “iPhone”

Help companies operating in the Chinese company Huawei, after experiencing enormous pressure in recent weeks, reaching the peak of its signing by the finance director of the company, where they asked their employees not to buy iPhones.

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Chinese companies “threatened” the employees with bonuses or even termination of their services in the case of start using the iPhone, at the time you submit deals and huge subsidies for staff to buy Huawei phones, with discounts of up to 20% in addition to granting of some devices free!

While it seems that devices view free like a no-brainer, except that Chinese enterprises are facing the difficulty in persuading staff to stop using the iPhone so resorted to a threat to stop allowances or expulsion.

According to the source, said more than 20 Chinese companies to the media they will purchase phones Huawei for its employees in addition to the use of Huawei’s products different to manage their work, and taking some corporate actions highly aggressive with staff, while some of the methods series.

Come this bad news for Apple after it lost a big lawsuit against Qualcomm in China two weeks ago, which led to the Prohibition of certain sales of the iPhone.

Source: Nikkei Asian

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