Chinese company to reveal the bag’s smart to track The level of its and its when you steal it بـCES 2018


Gonna be carrying the heavy bag will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the bag and the CX-1 that works with solar energy and follow its owner like a pet well-trained, which is revealed by the company ForwardX Robotics China during the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018.

The bag is equipped a robot with face recognition, which allows the user to open them, and help them to follow him wherever he is, it is also equipped with a smart bracelet worn by the user with his hand, informing him if someone tried to steal it or get out of its path because of any problem.

حقيبة السفر
Travel bag

Supported bag sensors and four wheels to help avoid obstacles, with a camera with wide angle 170 degrees, and the techniques to help her stand on her own.

Used bag is also an algorithm to determine the location of its owner accurately in real-time, as it has a unique feature that enables users to control them without having to press any buttons.

تصميم الحقيبة
The design of the bag

And the bag also contains an internal battery that can be used to charge your smartphone and other tools, it is not yet clear when and where the company plans a Chinese developer is not launched.

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