Chinese company unveils electric car cost US $ 9000 only!


Thanks to companies like Tesla, there is an impression that electric cars are expensive, although the other manufacturers of cars the pricing of its electric car the same price almost. However, it seems that China has the solution to this problem after the Chinese company Great Wall Motor detects the electric car ORA R1, which cost about US $ 9000.

Yes, you read right. I’ve been pricing electric car ORA R1 at a price ranging between 59800, 77800 yuan in Chinese, this means about 8600 USD based on current exchange rates, making it cheaper than most electric cars that have been disclosed until now. In fact, this electric car is Cheaper Than some desktop computers like the iMac Pro.

However, you obviously won’t get the same performance and features offered by electric cars are expensive like those cars offered by Tesla. In fact, this electric car is fairly simple and have the battery able to cut up to 350 miles before needing a recharge. One of the features of this electric car is provided by the artificial intelligence allows users to wake up the car with the words ” Hello, Ora“, but other than that, they are still a simple car all the way.

However, it should be this electric car is suitable for customers who do not have a lot of money and want to get an electric car. According to a recent report from the newspaper the South China Morning Post, has a frequency that is the sale of 400 thousand small electric car annually in China, and thus there is no doubt that this new electric car company Great Wall Motor will raise the adoption rate of electric vehicles in China.

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