Chinese company unveils the first smart phone folding at a starting price of US $ 1300 (video)

Rouyu Technology Chinese company not known previously Samsung and LG and Huawei and other manufacturers of smart phones revealed officially for the first smart phone folding at all.

The new smartphone carries the name of the FlexPai comes with a screen area of the 7.8-inch folding from the middle, and its thickness is 7.6 mm, which makes the device closer to tablet to smartphone.

We don’t have a lot of information about this phone except that it works with a processor Snapdragon 855 which has not been officially released until now, which means that FlexPai not available for purchase currently. In addition, the new smartphone possesses a dual camera accurately 20+16 megapixel camera, and a rechargeable battery from 0% to 80% in just 60 Minutes.

According to a video posted to his account, with the Ice Universe on Twitter the user has the possibility to activate screen mode binary when folded so that each screen provides the content of a visual specialist than the other, but the device is still a great size for a smart phone can be used with one hand and in the pocket easily.

FlexPai available for pre-order starting tomorrow, the price continue to 1291 USD ratio 6/128 GB, و1434 USD ratio 8/256 GB, و1846 USD to copy the 8/512 GB.

Definitely the first smartphone of this kind to wear the best, and we expect to see next year’s smart phones folding more attractive and beautiful to use. What do you think?

The Chinese company will reveal the first smart phone folding at a starting price of US $ 1300 (video) was first deployed in the are.

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