Chinese investors Taiwan believe save the company that supplies Apple with LCD

iPhone XR

It was Japan Display, also known as JDI, one of the major companies that manufacture LCD screens in the world, but it is now struggling to stay afloat despite being the main provider for Apple LCD screens. However, it seems that this bad situation will not continue because the frequency now it will save the company by Chinese investors Taiwan.

According to internal sources, it appears that it will invest approximately $ 723 million dollars in the company Japan Display that will come of this investment from the investment fund and the Silk Road Fund, backed by the Chinese government, and company TPK Holding Co Taiwan. This would represent about 30 to 50 percent of the shares in the company Japan Display.

The main reason for the financial problems of the company is a slow shift towards the production of OLED screens. The market goes ahead now towards OLED displays, including Apple itself, which has become used to LCD screens in units, iPhone XR only with the knowledge that previous reports hinted that Apple will take over permanently on the LCD screens in smart phones, in favor of OLED screens starting from 2020, so things look bleak for the company Japan Display.

Now, police are looking for some investments to raise the rate of production of OLED screens to become once again one of the largest manufacturers of tea in the world.

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