Chinese people stole electricity for 3 million dollars for mining Bitcoin. They were arrested

Authorities in the Chinese city of Zhenjiang has detected an abnormal surge of electricity consumption and large energy losses at several factories. In response, local police initiated an investigation and found the group of 13 people. The criminals acquired thousands of miners, but did not pull the electricity costs for their service. Accordingly, had to resort to theft.

In the two years from March 2017 to may 2019 — gang stole electricity worth about 3 million dollars and has caused great damage to the plants on which the clock worked as miners. The report did not disclosed the amount of profit that the robbers managed to bail out illegal mining. All 13 suspects were arrested, and the investigation is still ongoing.

This is not the first case of theft of electricity for mining, but the largest in the history of China. It is worth noting the ingenuity of most thieves of electricity to be envied. For example, only last month a Chinese national was arrested because he fed off their miners with electricity from a rig at an oil well. Shortly before this incident, 61-year-old woman was sentenced to 4 months in prison for what she maynila bitcoins at home and not paying for electricity.

The Chinese ban on mining?

Despite the tough stance of the Chinese authorities concerning cryptocurrency of captaining still thriving, as prices on the largest cryptocurrency continues to grow rapidly. Last year alone, China has opened 363 criminal cases related to theft of electricity for illegal mining BTC.

Source: Ecosia

Apparently, such cases will continue to encourage regulators in the country to ban crypto-currencies and everything related to them. For example, in April of this year, Chinese lawmakers have classified captaining as the sector that must be immediately eliminated due to the inefficient waste of electricity.

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