Chinese scientists have created an artificial wood that does not burn in the fire

Wood is, no doubt, good building and decorative material, but its use is associated with weight the most enjoyable moments since the cost and harm to the environment due to massive deforestation to a high fire hazard. However, a group of Chinese researchers have created a material that solves all of the above problems.

“Synthetic” wood look and at the microscopic level resembles the fiber of this tree, having similar properties: strength, ability to retain heat and so forth, however, plus it is resistant to high temperatures and acids. According to the publication Science Advances, responsible for the development of a group of employees Kefayskoy national laboratory for physical Sciences. The main material is synthetic polymer that kristallizuetsya in the polymer matrix and contacting the other components forming a structure similar to wood.

The scheme of manufacturing of wood-based polymers

The experts used retornou and melamineformaldehyde resin, and a mixture of aromatic substances, of which 30% is wood hardwood and softwood. While replacing auxiliary components you can also change the color and other properties of the finished material. To create a “synthetic” wood scientists put the aforesaid resin in aqueous solution, chitosan and acetic acid.

The structure of the polymer “faux” wood

After that, everything moved in a copper container with liquid nitrogen, allowing the substances to build a matrix of elongated channels. Then made a vacuum drying gave the material to harden at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. The resulting material showed resistance to the effects of fire, corrosive acids, and compressed at 45 MPa. Moreover, exposure to water does not destroy the structure of the new material, but only slightly reduces its mechanical properties.

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