Chinese smartphones are conquering Europe

Chinese smartphones continue to gain momentum. Huawei smartphones you can’t buy in the US, but this does not prevent the company to expand. According to recent studies, Europeans increasingly began to purchase smartphones of Chinese brands, largely preferring the company of Huawei.

Data were published by the company, analyzing the market, Canalyst. According to these data, every third smartphone bought in Europe, is the Chinese, and every fifth — the device Huawei.

On the chart above shows, as Chinese manufacturers increase their share in the European market even with the stagnation of the market as a whole (in 2018 the European smartphone market declined by 4% to 197 million units). During the year the share of Chinese devices grew by 27% (from 24% to 32).

In 2018, the share of smartphones Huawei increased by 54%, meanwhile Samsung and Apple lost more than 10 and 6% respectively, putting 61.6 million and 42.8 million units.

If you rely only on data for the fourth quarter, it appears that not so strong position of the HMD Global, which sells smartphones Nokia. Meanwhile, Huawei and Xiaomi increased by more than 50%.

What influenced the growth in sales of smartphones Huawei in Europe?

The reason is, most likely, a ban on the sale of the company’s devices in the United States. Huawei decided to expand with the European market, and, as you can see, they’re doing fine.

The report says that the main growth was in smartphones middle segment (200-350$) — 20% growth. And that Chinese manufacturers offer the best solutions in this segment. Huawei seriously improved the quality and proposed functions of its low-cost models, introducing dual cameras, face scanners, a small trend cutouts and more.

The rise of Chinese companies like magic

Sorry, but Samsung only at the last moment realized that it is necessary to move it in the direction of mainstream and budget phones. The Koreans do not offer a decent and cheap solutions, for which he paid. Of course, Samsung has released a new line of Galaxy M, and the new A10, A30 and A50 are very attractive, but sales are falling, and I doubt very much that the trend in the future will change for the better, as consumers have already form your opinion about Huawei as a company that offers cheap and high-quality solutions.

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